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Health & Wellness Pathways  Polysomnographic Technology  (Certificate)

(To keep up with industry needs and provide appropriate training, program requirements are reviewed every year.
The requirements listed below are effective summer quarter 2013 through spring quarter 2014.)

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Certificate Prerequisites

    • BIOL& 175 ~ 5 credits
    • ENGL 101
    • BUSN 135 or MATH 100+ level
    • PSYCH 130 or BUSN 160 or PSYCH 100

Important Notes

  • This information does not substitute for meeting with a faculty adviser.
  • Students must achieve a minimum 2.0 grade in each core class.
  • Talk to a faculty adviser about specific course sequencing.
  • In conjunction with the online lecture classes there will be lab experience and clinical internships provided at various sleep laboratories in Washington state through a consortium agreement between Edmonds Community College, Highline Community College, Olympic College and Tacoma Community College.
  • Not all classes are offered every quarter or at night.
  • Some classes are offered in self-paced, lab setting.
  • This program is currently offered on a full-time basis only.
  • Students must carry liability and personal accident insurance with payment due during the first and fourth quarters of the program. Maintenance of CPR certification is required throughout the course of the program.
  • Taking courses outside of the specified program is extremely challenging due to heavy load and irregular schedule.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical courses in the hospitals. Students are also required to purchase approved uniforms for clinical courses.

AAS Learning Outcomes

  1. Perform tasks and skills necessary for fulfilling the role of an entry level polysomnography technologist, using equipment basic to the profession.
  2. Identify pathology and etiology of sleep disorders and the relationship to oxygenation and ventilation. 
  3. Interpret and use information (medical charts, acquisition and analysis system information) to draw reasonable conclusions and provide safe therapy.
  4. Identify and use a wide range of research sources, including hard and online services (e.g. drug books, databases and reference books) and other specialized research material.

Important Notes (continued)

  • Agencies may require students to complete a criminal background check prior to being offered an internship or employment.
  • The Polysomnographic Technology program is accredited.  See accreditation statement in the college catalog.

Professional-Technical Core Courses (PT) 

Course Course Title Cert. Cr.
R C 101 Introduction to Respiratory Care -
R C 102 Therapeutic Modalities -
R C 103 Respiratory Care Science -
R C 104 Cardio Respiratory Pharmacology -
R C 105 Introduction to Critical Care -
R C 106 Cultural Diversity & Globalism in Health Care -
R C 111 Practicum I -
R C 112 Practicum II -
R C 113 Practicum III -
R C 114 Practicum IV -
R C 130 AIDS Education for the Practitioner -
PSG 102 Basic Polysomnography 5
PSG 103 Therapeutic Modalities I 5
PSG 104 Fundamentals of Sleep Monitoring Equipment 5
PSG 204 Clinical Sleep Disorders 4
PSG 205 Advanced Polysomnography 5
PSG 206 Polysomnography Scoring and Analysis 5
PSG 207 Therapeutic Modalities II 2
PSG 208 Preparation for RPSGT Examination 2
PSG 221 Physician Series 1
PSG 230 Polysomnography Practicum 9
  Total Program Credits 43

 AAS Learning Outcomes (continued)

  1. Model the skills necessary to work in a multicultural world as a medical professional.
  2. Communicate in English both orally and in writing in a clear and organized manner to persuade, inform and convey ideas.
  3. Perform respiratory assessment using critical-thinking skills.

Updated on October 14, 2013
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